The purpose of the BEngTuks sites is to provide all BEng students with equal digital resources for free.
I believe strongly that you should not have to buy access to knowledge: the wealth of your parents should not dictate whether or not you have access to learning.

Ebooks: If you already own a music album you are within your rights to copy that music to another device for your use. Similarly, you can copy a physical textbook digitally and use it on a device. Digital copies of the textbooks you already own are available on this site and are great to have on a tablet.

Past Papers: Many students sell past papers and memos. You will see many adverts on campus such as this, "CD of past papers and memos- R70". If you see such an advert related to BEng modules I ask you to write, "FLOL! www.BEngTuks.blogspot.com" I post as many past papers and memos as I can gather and have received some much sought after files from the Submit File page.

In early 2013 a few more people got on board with BEngTuks and users began contributing significantly. The BEngTuks team was approached by local individuals with advertising proposals, which you now see on the front page, and on the For Sale page.


I'm active in a few popular community forums and sites, and go by the screen names "Anon Mouse" and "DNGR".

Learning all about computers has always been a hobby of mine. My thirst for understanding started with basic hardware, progressed to software and OS's, and is now into local area networks and markup languages. This site is a stable, basic platform for me to learn and use HTML.

If you want to say thanks for this site, or hear more about my high school net advertising days, find me on campus and buy me a coffee :).


You are part of the the reason this site is here. A lot of the content and improvements have come from people just like you.
Your feedback is appreciated and if you know of someone who can benefit from these resources send them this way!

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